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Say hello to our four very special residents - Manuel, Daisy, Oz, and Tess. 🐢🌿 Each of them has unique personalities and stories to share. Manuel, a commanding 9-year-old Spur Thigh tortoise, keeps everyone in check as he dutifully patrols the lush surroundings. With his naturally dominant nature, he feels responsible for maintaining order and protecting the ladies. On the other hand, we have the shy but explorative Daisy, a 24-year-old rescue tortoise who tends to move around the garden with stealth and grace. You'll often find her quietly munching on her favourite leaf or sunbathing under a large bush. Then there's Oz. Quietly observing the world from her preferred spot in the bush, she's the perfect example of going with the flow. Lastly, meet Tess, another of our rescue tortoises. Though she may let Manuel believe he's the boss, in reality, she runs the show. This feisty lady is not afraid to set boundaries and keep Manuel in check, which keeps things interesting. These four enrich our garden and lives in so many ways, bringing a perfect balance of adventure, laughter, and calm to our everyday life. They each have their character, but together they form an inseparable tortoise quartet living in perfect harmony. If you ever see a tortoise, remember: there's a whole lot of personality in that little shell!



This little guy is a Hermann tortoise and we rescued him when he was just 6 months old. From the day he arrived, he was limp and quiet, displaying clear signs of neglect and the effects of never having seen a uva/b bulb. To be brutally honest, there were moments when we questioned whether he would make it. However, we never lost hope. Costa longed for company, so for two months we lovingly nursed him back to health. He became our shadow, following us everywhere we went. His favourite spot became sitting on my desk, his eyes glistening with curiosity as he watched me type away. Slowly but surely, Costa began showing signs of recovery. And it soon became evident that he had quite the mischievous streak. This was no regular tortoise – Costa is full of energy, mischief and charm! And this little dynamo sure knows how to keep us on our toes! Today, he's no longer just Costa the tortoise, but Costa the cheeky ADHD Tortoise. He's strong, vivacious, cheeky and a survivor! 


At just 5 years old, I developed a profound passion for tortoises, which led me to open the UK's first Tortoise Hotel in 1996, addressing the challenge tortoise owners faced in finding dependable care for their pets during vacations. What began as a mission to offer safe boarding for tortoises has grown into an educational hub for new owners, teaching them how to properly care for their beloved pets. Thanks to word-of-mouth, our Tortoise Hotel has become a national treasure, welcoming tortoises from across the UK, some travelling by long train journeys with their owners to enjoy our specialised care. We're dedicated to improving our services for our shelled guests and are grateful for the ongoing support. If anyone needs a trustworthy place for their tortoise, we're here to help.

Take a look at some of our care videos: Click Here

Debbie Gee
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