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Tortoise Rehoming

Tortoises Hotel boarding and home visits
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Here to help

The Tortoise Hotel was originally set up to help educate owners and improve the welfare of tortoises kept in captivity. As part of this aim we also help tortoises find new homes and offer ongoing help and support to all tortoises and their owners.  The tortoise’s welfare is our priority and here at the Tortoise Hotel we offer many services to help guide the tortoise owner.

A tortoise is a life-time commitment. Unfortunately, due to a wide range of unforeseeable circumstances, people often find they are no longer in a position to care for their tortoise.

We pride our self on making every effort to find the correct placement for each tortoise and has strict rehoming policies and guidelines for any prospective new home.

We will always do our best and will never rehome a tortoise unless we are 100% sure that the new home will be able to fulfil your tortoise’s every need and hopefully provide them with a sanctuary for life.

If you feel you are no longer able to meet your tortoise’s requirements, for whatever reason, and would like to learn more about our rehoming service. Please follow the link below.

If you are an owner and would like us to help you find a forever home for your tortoise using our wide network of tortoise owners, please click here.


If you would like to offer a forever home for a tortoise you will be required to fill in a registration form and support this with photos.

If you would like to discuss further on how to set up ready to rehome a tortoise please get in touch with me  Debbie, on 07782 345 935 or better still, arrange a visit.

Please click here to register apply to rehome a tortoise


Rehoming a Tortoise

Thinking about rehoming a tortoise?

We ask you kindly to read the information below and ensure you can meet the criteria before applying for a tortoise.


First, you WILL need a garden or outdoor terrace that can accommodate a fully-grown tortoise. This size should be set aside in your garden and be no smaller than 6ft by 4ft.

Garden should be secure and have a sunny position, especially early morning and into the day. Most tortoises will require a pen as an enclosure and may not be able to wander around the garden. If you have other pets, please disclose this on application.

If your tortoise is able to wander more freely precautions need to be taken if you have a pond, wood fencing and small children.

Also, they will need protection from, dogs, cats, Birds (Red kites, Magpies, Seagulls) and rats.


They will need a warm dry space with UVA/B lamp when the weather is bad and either side of hibernation. Ideally this could be a shed, greenhouse or spare room. (or a veery well ventilated conservatory)

An indoor area will be required to sleep, either a shed or greenhouse converted. (We will advise on requirements)


They will need lots of fresh weeds, some flowers and plants.  

Most tortoises unless specified by us, should NOT be fed fruit, shop bought salad or vegetables.

Fresh weeds and plants will need to be collected daily.


Your tortoise will be free but expect to pay for a small ‘Vet check’ bill.

You’ll will need a starter rehoming pack which includes lights and reflector lamp, calcium, Nutrobal, and other first aid essentials up to £100 (proof of essential equipment will be required)


As with any other good rehoming service you will be asked to sign to say that you fully understand our terms. This included that the tortoise should be returned to us at the Tortoise Hotel if your circumstances change. – it must NOT be sold. You must contact us if the tortoise is going to change ownership during its lifetime.

In the first 2 years the tortoise must be checked by us here. Extra checks must be carried out by a Vet if a concern is raised.


These can be arranged depending on location.

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