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Our Tortoises

Our resident tortoises, Manuel, Daisy, and Tess, are living their best lives in our lush garden and spacious enclosures. Manuel, the dominant 9-year-old Spur Thigh tortoise, patrols the grounds with authority while keeping a watchful eye on the girls. Daisy, the 24-year-old rescue tortoise, prefers to keep a low profile and explore the garden in stealth mode. And Tess, also a rescue tortoise, may let Manuel think he's in charge, but she's the true matriarch and isn't afraid to put him in his place.


Horsfield Tortoises

Winnie, Pongo and MrG

Pongo (born 2000) and Winnies (born 2003) life changed forever when we introduced a virile MrG (born 2009) in 2016.  Both girls absolutely adore him but on occasion you can see he tries their patience.  June was an exciting month when they both laid eggs. Incubation was successful and in July, August and September - we had 8 beautiful babies arrive.  First baby tortoises to be born in The Tortoise Hotel.

Tort herms.jpg

Costa, Helen & Violet

Hermann Tortoise

Having shot to fame in 2013 and now with his own little fan base, Costa our handsome boy - has his own webpage.  Helen and Violet came to live with us at the tortoise hotel after boarding here several times. Their Mum and Dad were emigrating so it made sense they joined our family, much to Costas delight. Costa had fallen head over heels in love with Helen (born 2009).  Violet (born 2013) is the quiet, sensitive one - in fact at the time of writing this, Violet might actually be Vincent. Time will tell as she/he grows up but one thing is for sure, Violet loves to roam around the grounds on a daily basis and seems to walk forever! (accompanied of course)

Baby Horsefield


Hetty was our smallest Horsfield tortoise born

October 2016.

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